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Buy Intagra 100She is a graduate of Indus Valley College of art in Karachi and aloof recently her textbook “Uncooked Activity” was inaugurated. He talked approximately his absorption in Dilip Kumar films and then the contemporary status of Pakistani TV Stagecraft and films, his historical blogs, recited his father’s poetry. His candid views on the menace of commercialization of Pakistani TV Stagecraft Industry and it has impacted the affection of the dramas. Listen to his inside scoop on the perks that the contemporary actors are getting. This was followed by Dr. Shaista Khan who discussed the efforts of islamic relief is doing in Pakistan and announced the upcoming fund raising dinner to be held on Walk 26th,2010 featuring Alamgir and Younus Khan. Khaula talked approximately the life prospects of Good Arts in Pakistan. Be the Aboriginal to Note Filed Under Uncategorized As we greet our fresh aggregation member of our ABN Aggregation, Saman Sheikh who is currently working as a Multimedia / TV Producer at General Broadcasting Supply (PBS) Chicago WYCC TV - 20, she has been elected to be on the board on the ” American Women in Radio and Television Chicago Page” as a General Relations Chair. Saman is originally from Lahore and finished her undgraduate studies in Machine Sciences from LUMS. She is the Pakistani “insurgent with a account” and our fresh addition to the ABN Chicago aggregation. She again does a exhibit on Chicago General Radio, (89.5FM) which airs every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. 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