Buy Filagra 50And it’s built to serve us, unlike that other f%$! economy. The action to accomplish it absolute is to start transacting on its platforms and using its currencies. And we must start our withdrawal from the platforms and currencies that steal our health and means. This month’s Lot Confederation is designed to advice us accomplish aloof that. Heather Adolescent is an alternative economic organizer and has been an environmental and social amends activist for over a decade.

She will be discussing the abounding ways we can actualize this economy calm appropriate immediately in a added admiring, full, aloof and sustainable action here in the Bay World. She’ll accord us an overview of the movement in the Bay World and hand it’s several projects including - Bay World Local Change – a network of alternative currency projects in the Bay World, including a age change project that is in test page. - The Actually Actually Free of charge Marketplace – an fact that demonstrates a pure allowance economy in SF and over 50 other cities in the US and encircling the apple.

- JASecon (Aloof Alternative Sustainable economy) – an all volunteer group that aims to tie calm and synergize all the altered aspects of the alternative economy and to host a grassroots economic festival/convention on September. 26 in Oakland. 700 – 730 Member announcements lightening round hand your passions, needs & gifts quickly Means they affirm is the root of all bad. However does it accept to be We’ll analyze this catechism in our July affair with guest host Ken Lynch. Here’s what Ken told me approximately what he’ll hand “Provided you were to redesign means, what would you accomplish Ken Lynch of SCCBank, a money innovation startup, will be presenting an short story of American means, and where this has brought us. We’ll speak approximately what’s current at the international akin, including IMF means, and what’s current at the community akin, including Carbon Coins, Ken’s idea currency.

The analysis will bull's eye on what you anticipate means should be based on, what values it should help, and what our options are with the prospect of means.” 700 – 730 Member announcements lightening round hand your passions, needs & gifts quickly How to accept amusing, save means, and accomplish a aberration in a punk economy. We alive in uncertain times. “Civilization” seems to be falling apart. What to accomplish Like always, attributes has an return. Insects, mammals, birds, and fish generally “swarm” to acquisition aliment, built shelter, or evade predators. We’re going to imitation attributes for our Jun fact by using the Apple Cafe format – a conversational swarm – to make ideas approximately how to thrive in nowadays’s crap storm. Thriving in Chaos will bull's eye our care us on the opportunity, abandon, and amusing offered by the unwinding of the zombie economy. Meetings + Events Calendar Blogroll Panel Uniforms Panel – Uniforms

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Kanaafii kanneen dhahatan tokkoo tokkoo, qayyabamuu dhaba demokrasii Amerikaatt kan gumaachan. Qabsoon Afrikaa Amerkaa sochii birmadummaa kaasee hamma sochii noolaa jaatamootaatt jiru amma Masaraa Adiiin isaan gahee jira. Qabsawota jaatamootaatt maqaan meeqa bahee ture garuu amma seenaan faloo baasee jira. Garuu demookraasiin ammallee mudaa hin qabnee miti; tahus heerri yeroo hundaa furmaata qaba. Murni bucooti Amerikaa hundi qabsoo saaniin faanfanama hunda, kan sanyii, saala, amantee, yk akkaataa jireenyaa irra ni bilisoomu. Ulfinni fi surraan kanneen walqixummaa ilmoo nama fi barruunqabii guddicha, “Heera Ameerikaa” hamaa irra eeganiif haa tahu.

Amerikaanoti wareegama saniin jabaatanii hojjechuun waanti hin dandahamnee akka hin jirre addunyaa agarsiisanii jiru. Kun cunqurfamoota hundaaf barnoota guddaa dha. Hammam rakkisaa fi giixirsaa yoo tahellee kutannoon irra haanna. “Eeyyee ni dandeenya” jeenni kutannee haa kaanuu.

Milkii argatanii fi Amerikaanotaa fi demokraatota Addunyaan ishoon jedha! Akka Obaamaaf beekumsaa fi jabina kennu Waaqan kaddhaaf. Namoota biyya koof jabaadhaa hojjedhaa Abboomaa keenya argamsiisaa bilisoomaan jedha! Bilisummaan tarkaanfii tokkoo qofa fagaattii.

Eeyyee ni dandeenya! Ibsaa Guutama was Minister of Education of Ethiopia (1992) representing the OLF. Guddaa yaaduu Qabamuu duuba addunyaan naannaa Oromoo jiru duudee ture. Kan qaawwaa dhiphoo bututi uume keessaan ilaaluu dandahan yartuu turani. Jarreen yaroo sana kan hanga ABO uumuun sochii malbulchaa walfudhate sochosuu dandahanitt tattaafataa turan. ABOn duuchaa sana cabsee saaqaa guddaa uumuun akka Oromummaan, humnni fedha of olchuu fi walabummaa Oromoo sossoosu, deebiee dhalatu taasise. Oromummaan akka ilaalchaatti, waan fedha ummata guddaa isa darbe, isa jiruu fi eegeree calaqisuuf ergamtoota saa oli. Sana kan abba tokkeen fi murnooti sammuu dhiphoo fi ofirroon qayyabachuu dadhaban. Kan diinaa fi keettoti waliin dhahuu barbaadanis sana. Rakkinni Oromoo hedduu guddaa waan taheef furmaatisaas guddaa yaaduu gaafata. ABOn akka dhaabicha guddaa seenaa sochii bilisummaa Oromoo keessaa tahuyyuu hamma hobbaa Oromummaan daayamuu hin guddatu. Oromummaan Oromoo hundi, sanyii, gosa, sabummaa, yk amantee oso hin jedhin tattaaffii gara bilisummaa fi jireenya gammachuuf godhanitt isaan masakamu. Inni mullisa Oromoon ilmaan nama waliigalaa fi keessaayyuu Afrikaanota naannaa saa jiraniif jireenya atomaa fi naqa qabeessa akka argatan hawwa qabuti. Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo, deebiee dhalachuu aadaa fi boona Oromoof meeshaa kalachati. Dargaggoon yeros walqabatanii kaan seenaa kolonummaa keessatt Oromummaa sadarkaa duraan argamee hin beeknett ol kaasani. Naannaa duudaa sana yeroo dhumaaf cabsuuf tokkummaa fi dudhama waan qabaniif homishaawoo turan. Sammuu haamtuu loote galtuu isaanitt duuddeef osoo hin taanee kan osoo gala saanii hin gahin isaan dhaabu hin turre. Hamma caccabanii gargar deemanitt humna garga diigduu fi booddesituu ofirraa ittisuu dadhabuun saanii nama gaddisiisa. Akka qiraacii qodaa cabee biyyaa durii tahani. Cabaan hojii guutuun hojjetu tolchuu hin dandahu. Akka dhimma baasaniif ogeessaan dhinfamuu yk daakamanii suphee haraa waliin deebianii dhahamuu qabu. Yeros qofa kan deebianii dhimma baasuu dandahan. Kan shaffisu dhimfamanii akka tokkeett dhimma baasuu dha. Baqaqaan tokkoo tokkoo akka hin dhimmisneef duuchaa caalaa barbaada taha. Yoo akkuma caccabanitti haa hafan jedhame abbaan baasee gata. Garuu nammi biraa hojii garagaraaf dhimma itt baha taha. Tokkoo tokkoo ollaa ibda itt fiduu yk haphee itt aarsuu yk akka qodaa saree, adurree kkf nyaata itti kennaniiti dhimma baasu taha. Hireen murnoota ABO yoo geedaraman, geeddarama kaasaa sabaa foyyessuu fidan malee sanaan adda hin tahu. Sabboonoti Oromoo fi murnooti gargar bahanillee hin hafin haala sochii bilisummaa babbadaa jiru dhimmamanii dubbataa jiru. Hamma taatota hundaa irratt dhiibbaa uumuu dandaha tahett dhimmamuun akkasii yerootu itt darbe hin jedhamu. Caccabanii, akka abbaan fee, gara barbaadett ofutt of dhiheessuun sabichaaf qaanii guddaa dha. Kaasaan Oromoo gumaa caccabe hafee dhaabota guutuu caalaayyuu dagaagaa dha. Gumaa bakka bakkatt facaaniin tajaajilamuu hin dandahu. Gumaa hundi funaanamanii biyyatt ol deebiuu qabu. Kaasaaa ummata guddaa kana mata jabina abbaa tokkottaa jala galchuu caalaa qaanii guddaan hin jiru. Ammas dogoggora darbe sirreeffatanii haaraa jalqabuun ni dandhama.

Buy CavertaOver the direction of age, automation will accomplish it easier for fewer bodies to accomplish added assignment, leaving for abounding, the mundane and the passingly-human-centric as jobs they can attain. Disneyland offers too hardly any places where its throw members actually develope human relationships, rather they fact as brand ambassadors who reinforce expectations—they dont actualize them. For most companies, I look the Disneyland imitation as the prevalent and preferred imitation as it keeps costs low and manages expectations consistently. Life short of suprise can again beggarly life short on innovation. It will be absorbing to look provided companies who adopt this bifurcated imitation of assignment, without the means of other influences available at Disney to spur innovation, will acquisition creating the abutting object so even the added hard. My idea is that they will acquisition it dense to innovate, as abounding technology companies are proving with second-rate versions of acute phones and tablets.

Much Disney has taken to replicating its proven formula for topic parks encircling the apple rather than reinventing itself and captivating risk—this strategy is again too industrial time. I attending forward to my abutting appointment to Disneyland. Abutting age Ill aloof activity along for the drive and love the familiarity. Disneys California Adventure was, from the commence, an attack to actualize a “second gate” in Southern California that would entice bodies to spend added age at the Disney property.

Its aboriginal architecture was underfunded and rushed, and it never actually took off. So immediately Disney is proudly, at is preview centre, touting that it is reimaging the grassland while bodies are even visiting it. Let me impart you, that is not a acceptable familiarity. There is sound, traffic flow disruptions and inconsistencies (I entered one gate, let from another. I could look the gate I exited earlier in the time however was arm to airing action encircling the out of the closed grassland to receive outside buttoned up an much too exist — all for unexplained reasons). I dont desire to appointment a topic grassland life constructed while I am trying to accept amusing unless the engineering is thing of the familiarity, and the preview centre didnt accomplish that for me. Direct up holes in the fence and let me attending in. Impart me what I am seeing.

Bring me in to it. Dont aloof lay up a ample wall encircling the prospect Radiator Springs and accomplish me airing encircling it, or exhibit me models — and disrupt my paths buttoned up the grassland. Provided Im going to be inconvenienced, accord me something in change, love a “I helped make Radiator Springs” pin. Let me propel a nail or act a board, much provided it isnt actually going to be there when you finish.

And dont tack on inconsistencies love Tron bits in Hollywood Pictures Backlot. They are outside of put and disruptive. Provided you desire bodies to affair, accomplish a acknowledge at after dark and a transformation. In the daytime these elements are aloof confusing and distracting. Appropriate immediately, much with the Apple of Colour exhibit last of the time, California Adventure feels less than half-baked.

I accept abundant hopes for Radiator Springs when it is all, and I achievement the architecture goes back to the hub-and-spoke imitation to administer traffic. Until they finish interpretation, I anticipate Disney should direct up the California Adventure gate for free of charge as a exhibit of acceptable faith to the faithful. Hand this advertise Approximately the author Daniel W. Rasmus helps organizations shape strategy buttoned up plot planning and abysmal discussion of the uncertainties and dynamics of the matter climate. Dan applies his different adeptness to synthesize social, economic, political and technological information in course to disclose emergent opportunities, spot threats and read artistic approaches to both.

Clients can expect able rule, direct and constructive feedback and a willingness to advise others how to effectively develope and execute strategy. Daniel's speaking and writing skills can be applied to third-party idea rule content aimed at changing perceptions, repositioning an group and demonstrating industry rule. Related Posts General Posts One Response to Disneyland and the Industrial Time Audio-Animatronics and the Prospect of Assignment Pretty construction of Disney. It’s absorbing to look how the aboriginal corporate sponsorship and gee-whiz audio-animatronics accept alter to old, while other attractions accept scrambled to accumulate up by not life outdated by the age they are opened.

The cutting line moves so quickly now there’s nearly no age for physical interpretation to accumulate up. Provided you ever amuse the chance to accomplish the “Disney Last the Scenes” tour offered in Orlando, booty it (provided you is an eye-opener! Allowance a Reply General Posts Archives Approximately the Masters of New Read in GIS Programme, College Of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona Government University Steering ASU General Note In / Note Outside Search

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