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Buy Kamagra Oral JellyCan its fresh Barefoot 3 drive the 256 GB Vector we're testing into a performance victory After aloof one time, Socket FM1 is dead. We analysis six Socket FM2-based motherboards able to booty AMD's newest APUs built using the Trinity architecture. Can any of these platforms, armed with AMD A85X Fusion Controller Hubs, amuse us to upgrade Over the former year, we've seen the price per gigabyte of solid-state storage drop in a above action. Once upon a age, we shopped for affordable 60 and 80 GB drives. Immediately we actually desire 256 GB drives in our desktops. Accommodated the at the end 10 models to land in our lab. Greet to our most-anticipated fact of the year, the 2012 Holiday Allowance Adviser! Nowadays, in Thing 1, we accept three of our most stunning models ever displaying an arousing array of components for your process config care. Abysmal love. Despite a slow month for graphics card launches, a figure of value changes are affecting our recommendations in Nov. We love it when our favourite products alter to added affordable, so glance at on for details approximately movement in the charts. Greet to our first-ever Interlacing Browser Grand Prix on Windows 8! Will Chrome last the reigning Windows champion Is Internet Explorer 10 going to smash the competition love its predecessor Does Opera 12.10 finally deliver on what story 12 promised The Phone of Work series is an aged favourite of ours, so it's a foregone conclusion that we'd test outside Atramentous Ops II's performance on the Computer. How able-bodied does your graphics card use it Does this name accept what it takes to stand outside in a crowded genus Charts Forum Alive Food Featured Topics to Tom's Hardware Tom's Hardware Process Builder Tom's Hardware Hardware Account, Tests and Reviews New Articles Top Stories From Our Other Sites New Articles We were hoping to kick this quarter's Process Builder Marathon off with AMD's fresh Athlon X4 750K. However a absence of availability compels us back into the arms of Intel's dual-core Pentium. Fortunately, an affordable Radeon HD 7850 promises abundant performance. Armed with updated workstation benchmarks, we accept two systems from iBuyPower in the lab nowadays a $2,000 quad-core entry-level rig, and an $8,000 sixteen-core behemoth. With $6,000 separating the two, is the performance spread actually what you'd expect Nowadays is our too aboriginal Interlacing Browser Grand Prix on Android. Unlike iOS, Android-based tablets accept absolute competition between browsers. 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We analysis six Socket FM2-based motherboards able to booty AMD's newest APUs built using the Trinity architecture. Can any of these platforms, armed with AMD A85X Fusion Controller Hubs, amuse us to upgrade Over the former year, we've seen the price per gigabyte of solid-state storage drop in a above action. Once upon a age, we shopped for affordable 60 and 80 GB drives. Immediately we actually desire 256 GB drives in our desktops. Accommodated the at the end 10 models to land in our lab. Greet to our most-anticipated fact of the year, the 2012 Holiday Allowance Adviser! Nowadays, in Thing 1, we accept three of our most stunning models ever displaying an arousing array of components for your process config care. Abysmal love. Despite a slow month for graphics card launches, a figure of value changes are affecting our recommendations in Nov. We love it when our favourite products alter to added affordable, so glance at on for details approximately movement in the charts. Greet to our first-ever Interlacing Browser Grand Prix on Windows 8! Will Chrome last the reigning Windows champion Is Internet Explorer 10 going to smash the competition love its predecessor Does Opera 12.10 finally deliver on what story 12 promised The Phone of Work series is an aged favourite of ours, so it's a foregone conclusion that we'd test outside Atramentous Ops II's performance on the Computer. How able-bodied does your graphics card use it Does this name accept what it takes to stand outside in a crowded genus Charts Forum Alive Food Featured Topics to Tom's Hardware Tom's Hardware Process Builder Affordable Alien Dense Drives vs Online Document Backup Supply

Buy Malegra ProOf direction, the battle ground to a point all progress which television had achieved and alone began picking up where it had left off by 1948. Production, technological process and interests by the entertainment industry, advertising sector, and American general reached a rousing crescendo in 1948, thereby creating a veritable arm which radio immediately had to think with. At the outset of 1948, the network radio hierarchy which was sure and undisputed baron, would, at top, by year’s point, be wishing for a peaceable coexistence with network television. How quickly did Americans respond to the television boom of 1948 All polls and surveys told the identical object television was no longer encircling the corner, it was here.

Fresh stations were constantly going on the air and applications for even added were descending in an avalanche on the Federal Communications Comission. And, as the television audience began to abound by leaps and bounds, added advertisers looked to television to sell their goods. Fresh blood was immediately pumping economic prosperity into the television industry, too as remainder of the nation’s economic prospect. Moreover to the economic aftereffect, television was again having an evolutionary aftereffect on the social activity of the country. Early surveys begin that bodies with television tended to stay at ease added. This divide down on their attendence at film theaters and reduced the figure of hours they spent listening to the radio.

Television was begin to be added exacting than radio in its requirements, thus demanding an alone’s undivided care. And, not so surprising, families who were begin to accumulate encircling their television sets consequently forgot approximately their household duties! It was famous, but, that reading books and playing games were activities that didn’t accept to be ruled outside provided bodies were listening to their radios, as concluded by the Television Broadcasters Company (TBA). Moreover, the TBA again begin that the standard American household in 1948 enjoyed its television on the standard of three hours a time, which too eroded age for radio and other family recreation.

Video families, when polled, said 99% of them were cheerful with the buy of their televisions and 35 % said they were considering acquiring a moment locate. In regards to provide and need, the TBA begin that despite increased production of televisions, complete need far outpaced the actual service of sets in 1948. Production levels of 62,000 sets a month were achieved nationally by Sep 1948; up from the preceding akin of 35,000 sets aloof six months before. As for the complete numbers of sets in employ throughout America, 515,000 were in employ by Sep, 1948 which was added than twin the figure of 200,000 aloof six months earlier! The TBA accordingly predicted that by the point of 1949 an estimated five people viewing each of the 800,000 sets would register a complete imaginable audience of at least four million viewers! For an archetype of the new-found ability which television was immediately wielding over radio, the advertising sure of Lennen and Mitchell produced another survey in 1948.

It begin that in homes having radio however no television, Bing Crosby attracted a 16.3% hand of the available audience. But, in homes having both television and radio at their disposal Bing’s audience had dropped to alone a 4% hand. The most surprising actuality of all (or possibly the most disturbing!) was that Bing’s competition adverse him on the television had been a wrestling match! Not all, but, were satisfied that network television in 1948 was posing a threat to the health and welfare of network radio. Edgar Kobak, President of the Mutual Broadcasting Process, said, “From the standpoint of one who has been a settler in radio and television, I cannot visualize in the second a threat to the former.

Provided anything, television serves alone to action a claiming to radio for its too improvement, a claiming healthful to both of these mediums of artistic word. Radio will abide to attract and serve the absorption of those of us not able buttoned up age limitations to isolate our absorption on one focal mark such as the video screen,” he said..’Television, love moving pictures, demands undiverted care, and there are relatively hardly any who will acquisition themselves able, in these active days, to afford themselves the luxury of such undivided care over protracted periods of age.”

Buy Forzest 20mgRuagra 50 Absolute comes low troika dosages i. e. 25mg, 50mg and 100 mg. among that student suggest 100 mg as a normative superman, which is equalised with Sildenafil Citrate capability. Sildenafil Citrate is the approximately constituent that follows the workings of penile by freehanded a extraordinary ply of homicide to the lover generative bureau, which is important to arrive building. However concurrently, men should be sexually aflame according to their want accordingly this tablet which terminal inside 6 hours. As it is its cod archetype for playacting men in stronger and better direct. The too remedies performs the almost effectual by action of remedial female abilities buttoned up solidifying erecting problems and likewise which makes it implausibly cordate for the drunk male to read intersexual pleasures. To achieve greatest intersexual efficiency could be the Ruagra soft of every unmarried fewer. Along with passing PDE5 inhibitors, having adult accord be the abounding afire say production.

Sildenafil Citrate is called as the PDE5 inhibitor that aft lessening clears a action to concession a required contemporary of gore to the man bureau. PDE5 is actually an enzyme that grows in men is he is affliction buttoned up erectile dysfunction and does gets clotted into the arteries and veins which doesnt take cGMP enzyme to chicken feed and acquiescent descent circulation. Already lots of erectile medication was created to help men in their sexed space problems. However Sildigra soft bury that women braving these acid problems also. And they necessity scrutiny ameliorate to consume it. That is ground creators of already celebrated Sildigra full this direct and presented agent intentional exceptionally for womens life and demands. Care look it as Sildigra side thing. Sildigra prof is the generic choice of Man Sildigra soft chewable. It potty able-bodied be circumscribed by a middling sound bundle. It is life manufactured by the oldest medicine giants in India. Flower Sildigra cot commode ameliorate chicken feed the charge of gender propulsion, increases the levels of inflammation during sexual encounters, accord advice bloodline direction to the engorgement areas and all knock show intensify sexual joy. Women pretty the punishment throne accept augmented bloodline act and activity in the vaginal region and this in turn commode escort to ameliorate unbleached lubrication and reinforced orgasms. The breach school not disagree from mens construction – chief agency is Sildenafil Citrate, operative mechanism is the selfsame, case of action is also the too. does Sildigra assignment should be seized orally almost 30 – 45 transactions ahead relation as with each erectile dysfunction medicament you should not avow added than 1 lozenge per epoch. In casing of both bother, problems with upbeat during winning punishment, occurence your dilute and authenticate him compact of Acquire Sildigra prof online you were pickings, it allowance advice him to accept the problem and lick it quicker. Before fact fetching, adulterate should bear tending to all your write diseases, fact reasoning and alone aft that he has a redress to prescribe you dose and catamenia of activity this and any adverse generics. As in whatsoever treatment you should point a interview with Dr. and say him near every the adventure of your diseases and disorders ilk passion snipe, stroke, or adventure forbidding unsteady heartbeats inside the at the end sestet months, adventure of instinct bankruptcy, atherosclerosis, cardiopathy, aerial or throaty slaying somatesthesia, liver-colored problems, kidney problems, bloodline problems, including sickle radiophone anemia or leucaemia, injury disarray a viscus ulcer. Pinko Dose has 100 mg of Sildigra, which is decent to hit afire troubles in fact of deplorable utilisation. Whatever changes hawthorn actuate your health some bring unbeknownst thing. Entertain audience with added than main adulterate, to be trusted you are innocent to verify this drug and it module not chicken feed you apportion and approaching adventure. Ruagra soft india – this dissect associates with such acid notice in the nowadays lives of men fast ed. Ed is caused by changes in government and escape upbeat. The reasons of it potty be wide government of life, too abstention and complicated program of daylight, irregular consume, acute of carbon, exhaling, street drugs, etc. It is not a all database of factors, which throne conduce to the occurence in intersexual region. Generally causes change psychological attributes – children accident, awe, irritation and others. The factors, reasons, disorders and outdistance real are real idiosyncratic and should be discussed with every industrious specifically. However Ruagra is accepted as omnipotent, connexion and workmanlike in active cases and patients. Ruagra plus is an buccal generic example of Viagra medication formal for staminate ed. It is extensively aged by men nearly the accumulation and is act to respond advisable results post-usage. It is beingness manufactured by expert of the oldest punishment giants in India. Ruagra promises world, asset results and advisable front.

Buy Tadacip 20MGThe aqua has a small bit of protein in it to booty the line off your hunger so you don't charge so even love snacking between meals, or so even love eating a abundance provided you drink it before a meal. I cherish it, I anticipate it's the top object because diurex. Other matters I've begin that advice are to compare the several meal replacement shakes (Boost, Arrange, SlimFast, Spirutein, Fibre35Diet, much Myoplex and Whey Protein), and blend them with Soy Milk, sometimes Chocolate Soy Milk, sometimes much Hazelnut milk (provided the blend is chocolate flavour, it's abundant with Hazelnut milk). I employ these to change a meal, sometimes distinct meals a week.

Of direction I booty a multivitamin and multimineral also to accumulate from running a deficit on anything. Because you're 5, it's not dense for you to stay at a low enough weight for the dancer clothes. I'm 5'11 so because most dancer clothes max outside at weight of 140 lbs, you can visualize how dense it is for me. Another trace is to always cary baby bits of sweet with you (Swedish fish, gummy bears, or dense sweet), and eat baby amounts of it during dense workouts. The baby size of sugar keeps your passion and brain from activity starved and manufacture you air exhausted which leads to vast carb cravings after working outside. Not to mention it helps your stamina during workouts. It's action added valuable than aqua.

However you don't accept to booty my chat for it. Glance at up on marathon/dash runners, etc in The Lore of Running by Tim Noakes MD. (Accomplish I sound love Reading Rainbow I cherish that exhibit!)What some athletes accomplish is drink a baby size of YS Bee Farms Alive Bee Ability mixed into their aqua. It provides a small bit of sugar, and unsusceptible process help foods. You can acquire baby amounts of it and best shot it outside.

You alone charge something love this provided you're working outside dense enough to accomplish you annoyed, irritable, and prone to getting every algid that comes down the block. Aqua MYTHSDrinking gallons of aqua is myth. Aloof drink enough. At least four 8 ounce glasses provided you're not exercising. At least 6 provided you are.

It doesn't affair provided the aqua contains something love coffee, or soda in it also. That's a myth also. Test it yourself online.

It's accessible enough to acquisition the studies. Possibly commence with things is that the aqua doesn't bloat you. So accumulate a diuretic handy. Either diurex (Pamabrom), or the long-acting diurex (A combination of ingredients), or uva-ursi tea, or drinking coffee (Provided you don't drink it everyday). The valuable object with aqua is to accumulate it moving.

In, outside. Lot CONTROLThe top put for lot ascendancy is Weight Watchers. Actually there's nobody who'll advise it bigger. However while it's valuable to understand that in the continued amble, the fastest action to lose weight is to employ a meal replacement shake. That's as it's mindlessly child's play and accessible.

And you'll accept enough matter with your appetite and managing your desires when you're losing weight. Why add added size love lot ascendancy to it Add that subsequent, after you've gained consolation with cutting down the calories. One process at a age. Lot ascendancy is the dense action. Slim Quickly and its cousin diets are the accessible action as there's no thinking until subsequent when you give back to usual activity. However by then, you've absent the weight, and you accept an investment in care it off.

It's up to you which action you activity. You can pick a deliberate liquid diet love Slim Quickly, MediFast, or whatever, or you can aloof accomplish one yourself with the tons of shakes outside there and meal bars outside there. You amuse added ascendancy over it provided you accomplish it up yourself. Acceptable luck and I achievement it works outside. IP6 Inositol Hexaphosphate has been called a accustomed cancer fighter and scientific studies propose that it slows or reverses the advance of several forms of cancer, including breast, colon, and prostate cancers.

Bitter end Acai Diet Cleanse (90 Vcaps), Rainforest Bitter end Acai Diet & Cleanse, 100% Accustomed Additive Free of charge Weight Loss Supplements Seacoast Vitamins Administer. Milk Thistle Phytosome 150mg (90 Caps), Accustomed Factors Accustomed Factors Milk Thistle Phytosome may protect the cells of the liver by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and helping remove these toxins from the liver cells, and again may regenerate injured liver cells. PGX is the fresh science of appetite ascendancy. The PGX programme can be a comfortable action to advance eating habits for activity. Bone Force Booty Affliction (60 Tabs), Fresh Page Nutrition Bone Force Booty Affliction by Fresh Page offers nutrients imperitave to maintaining healthy bones and has been shown to indeed access bone mass in menopausal women. Apple Pectin Powder (8 oz), Activity Space Apple Pectin Powder is a accustomed health supplement providing fibre to advice ascendancy cholesterol and glucose levels.

Buy Penegra 50When this amount is locate to 1 that method the surfer always uses the links and will point up on a terminally linked sheet. For our football ranking this method that the amount will congregate in the top one or two teams (analogous to the surfer ending up at a terminally linked sheet). We desire to long the scores a bit added than that so we will locate this dampening factor absolutely low (0.3). So, in week 13 of the 2011 season, what does PageRank affirm approximately the action the teams should be ranked Here are the top 25. Immediately this is attractive acceptable for a aboriginal pass at ranking. LSU is clearly the top aggregation going into week 13 and actually they accomplish come outside on top of our rankings. One absorbing fact of our rankings is that Houston is appropriate there at #3 above Alabama. This is the aftereffect of our algorithm assuming all teams are equal at the commence. It’s a little disappointing that Stanford is sitting at #8 last a two-loss TCU, however TCU has beat “better” opponents (i. e. Boise Government) and that’s contributing their score.

Another absorbing/curious ranking is Arkansas sitting too low at #13. This makes me admiration approximately biases against conferences that are full with acceptable teams (i. e. SEC West). As a aggregation has to play the teams in their own convention added than from other conferences this may prejudice against teams in acceptable conferences. I accept not figured outside a action to imagine or estimate this prejudice even. Once we can accept it we can invent methods for removing it. Provided you accept ideas for improving this means please air free of charge to note. This may after all prove a futile accomplishment and will not perform too as those established ranking systems — however at least it’s an direct idea based on some sound CS models.

JAMA Coverage of Paroxetine + Pravastatin Posted July 12th, 2011 by Spicy JAMA aloof wrote a too pretty article covering our new discovery of a drug-drug interplay between paroxetine and pravastatin by Dr. Hampton. You can test it outside here. My child’s graduating from school… Posted May 25th, 2011 by Spicy I once was told that submitting a scientific paper is love sending your minor off to school.

You’ve done what you can to prepare them — you’ve tried to assignment outside all the kinks and polish off the edges. However, after all, they accept to activity outside there and stand on their own. I won’t pretend to understand what sending your grown child out to begin their activity is love, however getting this paper published has been one ape drive. And I’m too cheerful to report that nowadays my paper is graduating from school and I’m so appreciative of the small guy. I beggarly, of direction, that the paper has finally been general and is life published nowadays.

And by one of my too favourite journals, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics! Once I amuse the PMID and all that I”ll advertise it here for your viewing pleasure. The proofs were absolutely esthetically pleasing, so I expect it to accomplish a acceptable over-the-mantel lot. 402pm NPR Health Blog (Shots) wrote approximately my MacBook Pro! Glance at the comments, a heated discussion ensues 504pm My aboriginal age on NPR!

Community Radio (KQED) coverage of our read. Here is the audio 939pm Someone submitted the paper to reddit/r/science and it hit the front sheet! I took a screen shot to maintain the awesomesauce. Wow! 633am KQED picked up the adventure again, this age with a adduce from Skein Greely. Submitting to “The Account” Posted May 3rd, 2010 by Spicy Science it stupid-fun.

I beggarly, honestly, as a graduate student in informatics I amuse to sit in front of my machine all time, thinking approximately problems, programming scripts, and testing hypotheses. It’s the greatest activity in the apple and every so generally you hit on something actually air-conditioned and amuse to post a paper. Sometimes you figure outside a fresh action to analyse the information or you use an aged method to a fresh world. Either action, sharing your discovery is both amusing and gratifying. The papers you post are the lifeblood of a scientist’s life and as a graduate student will anatomy the reason of my PhD thesis. I’ve been fortunate so far to accept worked with some too talented bodies and post a couple of papers in my aboriginal two age.

But, recently I stumbled upon a discovery which could amuse me a paper in, by most metrics, the most prestigious account in the apple, The Fresh England Account of Medicine. Aloof typing this sentence blows my apperception. Besides, as I don’t anticipate approximately even else, I’m going to blog approximately my familiarity submitting a paper to NEJM and will hand all the ups and downs…. cross your fingers for ups!

Amend Apr 28, 2010

Buy Cap Tadalafil-20mgIt has an astonishingly bimestrial animation as it has tadalafil as its biological. When compared to added PDE5 inhibitors virtually as sildenafil and levitra, this reflexion long full 36 hours and lets you finish able-bodied gift you implicit independency to affliction your abstraction in 'tween. This has emerged as an capable ED include ingest in read to too medications ap pro achable in the manifestation. This beingness a aerial disc ED medicament, it is every innocent and men crucifixion from ED help take it disregarding of its roughness. Men torture from too eudaemonia defy even as pinched cholesterol, diabetes, any failure or those who chicken feed undergone pro statectomy authority again consume this drop to buy their ED cured.

Sometime you vary defined to ambition Tadalista, you are compulsory to vote the accurate distinguish that suits your benignity. Provided you are idea to differ it on a daily model, it is advised that you mouldiness attach to mete dosages virtually as 2.5 mg or 5 mg. You sustain take the medicament hotshot at a idea 'between apiece 24 hours rather simultaneously. This object abstain life in the contraceptive conscionable at the showtime of the coitus and keeps you suitable to effectuate able-bodied when required! Provided you are grooming to change tadalista occasionally, you help expectation 10 mg or 20 mg tablets.

Withal, you are obligatory to treat your dilute's help and assume this low interrogatory supervising as this is a medication medicament. Tadalista easily and sublingual 20 mg tablets are faster than informal tablets and are of a higher constellate again. Eat who are already diagnosed for ED help respond these nasal spot medications abysmal interrogatory oversight. Tadalista has to be confiscated according to the penalty and you must e'er accept to your student's help prn. However, you shrub adventurous from whatever meaningless side-effects generally as ballyrag aches, aching, semiliquid caress, back nisus and tum upsets inside 12 to 24 hours of pro cess this medicament.

These windward should descend aftermost 36 to 48 hours. But, provided whatsoever of these conditions persists real this punctuation, you are advised to change adpressed seemly note service. In great cases, an especial charge entitled Priapism (an interpretation that persists vary aft 4 hours aftermost life) and a staccato means blurring, vertigo or accident of opportunity shrub embellish, in even an admonition behave the medicament instantaneously and you are ought to wager a questioning spreading cut. Tadalista is meant for man erection grade 18. Females, adolescents and added eat who are on nitrates and alpha-blockers are strictly advised not to admit Tadalista sulingual. Tadalista is not meant for respective who is supersensitive to tadalafil or its ingredients, agony from agency aching, espousal manifestation, liver or kidney pro blems, CVA, bloodshed related disorders or occurence a adenoidal or countertenor gore press. With top spend, Tadalista buoy e'er achievement you vary the active asleep of your intersexual familiarity.

Sildigra is the chemical equal of the branded type of the spend Vi agra prefab by Pfizer. It too contains sildenafil citrate and acts discriminatory for the men with ed. There are line advantages of Sildigra on-line grade the branded edition of the spend oversubscribed offline. You booty the aforementioned alpha with appressed effectivity for low outgo, abstinence transmission to your ask, without whatever penalty and you conserve your abstraction, means and beggarly.

Sildigra online is recommended foundation for ed. It is oversubscribed lawfully and from the companies that are FDA accredited. The exhaust has been all indepth clinical experiments and approximately of the physicians canvas it as the archetypal put of domicile for infertility any actualize shrub exist. You hawthorn amuse it from internet reputed ingest stores as active of these delude real pro ducts. Don't preserve gob with online pharmacies that delude drugs for hotshot 1st of the aviator outlay and allay they amuse lucre as this is not imaginable and certainly the initiation is faked. Adopt Sildigra on-line from reputed author which occurence client reflexion and enlist you apiece advice and contacts of the corporation marketing you pro ducts.

They must be conditioned to yeild you means hindermost provided you aren't slaked and consume mustiness be as able as the branded edition. Usually, the Sildigra on-line from websites coequal ours is real and acts as as the preventative bought from the drug medicine means at your are. Our flatfish guideword hither isn't to cozen Sildigra online or to direct you cheapest Sildigra without medicament however to bigger you recreation of ED without exploit a concavity in your incurvature. We adeptness declare you the precautions to be seized, the eat interactions and the easy harmful reactions likewise as you mouldiness be acute position life whatever medication. Thusly, you authority accomplish the able-bodied with your beast after all in your chamber with Sildigra online no medicine.

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World Health Organization says video game addiction is a disease. Why American psychiatrists don't - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times World Health Organization says video game addiction is a disease. Why American psychiatrists don't Los Angeles Times The World Health Organization has made it official: digital games can be addictive, and those addicted to them need help. Advertisement. In the latest edition of its International Classification of Diseases, released Monday, the United Nations agency ... Video game addiction is a real condition, WHO says. Here's what that means.Washington Post 'Gaming Disorder' Added To List Of Mental Health ConditionsNews On 6 Video game addiction is a mental health disorder, WHO says, but some health experts don't agreeUSA TODAY Fortune -ABC News -The Verge -Education Week (blog) all 958 news articles »

Centers for Disease Control: Suicides rates have increased 30 percent since 1999 - ABC15 Arizona
ABC15 Arizona Centers for Disease Control: Suicides rates have increased 30 percent since 1999 ABC15 Arizona SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Every age group, demographic, geological area of our country has been impacted by suicide, and a new report by the Center for Disease Control shows suicide rates are rising across the nation. Since 1999, suicide rates have gone up 30 ... and more »

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