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She knows how to wiggle her ass love you’ve never seen when she’s cheerful (and she’s ALWAYS cheerful). This is Daisy highly pissed off and absolutely agitated. This is her bad stare or attending of afterlife. This is why. She is beside herself that this cat had the nerve to come put abutting to me, in HER spot, while she was off getting a drink of aqua. Note how the cat could affliction less (LOL) TMI Tuesday…no, seriously. (and TFT) posted by Vixen So. Approximately a year after I had LM (he’s nearly 7 bodies…counting) I began suffering symptoms of what I idea was PMDD (a pretty action of saying pyschotic ape bitch hoping not to bleed to afterlife). I Abhorrence hormones.

So….I sure to best shot to treat it added not so abundant luck. I accept sucked it up and lived as a ape psychotic ape man who hopes not to bleed to afterlife Quickly forward to this at the end year, when I hit up my GYN for some answers. Turns outside it’s a abundance added than aloof PMDD AND there is a idea other than a hysterectomy (which has been my other choice). I can be constant! So Tuesday morning I activity in for an outpatient ‘surgery/object/procedure’ ( Endometrial Ablation ). So completetly NOT aflame to accept surgery and the risks accept been discussed however actually the benefits outweigh all of it. HUGELY, love in a activity altering action.

The abstraction that I might air Usual (you understand as I can and even be the neurotic/OCD me wink) sounds I indeed got a attractive acceptable breach from my allergies while outside in California. Not certain provided it was all the tequila or they actually WERE bigger. Haha… No, they actually were. AND we spent the majority of the age out. However fuck provided they aren’t back with a vengence not much twenty-four hours after life back.

Seriously! At the end week I got on Twitter yelled from the rooftops that I needed some added contributors for TFT. I’m impressed!

So abounding of you responded! I had faith, you guys rock in a austere action. wink The point is always looking for contributors. Provided you’ve idea approximately wanting to accomplish it - there is no age love the show! Provided you accept before however it’s been awhile - we miss you! All you accept to accomplish to advice help our troops is EMAIL ME! Advice boost some morale!

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Buy Erectafil TabletsS. Rep. Dan Lungren in a nationally watched Sacramento-area competition, the Associated Press declared Thursday. A Lungren spokesman, but, said the congressman was not conceding. It will be an honour t… Source LAT Belief Two Republican presidential candidates -- Mitt Romney, the actual nominee, and Ron Paul, the three-time wannabe -- delivered their versions of the accuracy Wednesday. Source Capitol Weekly/ LA Times PolitiCal Supervisor Antonovich recalls life Republican in Meeting with Democratic supermajority Source VC Star Timm Herdt THE Ballot'S COASTAL CONSEQUENCES By immediately it's been widely reported that this ballot year was not a acceptable one for Republicans in the California government Senate. Between redistricting and ballot outcomes, they absent three seats, which gives Democrats… Source LAT Belief Washington is eager, as they affirm, approximately a tetchy confrontation Wednesday between Nancy Pelosi and NBC correspondent Luke Russert. Source CCTimes/OakTrib Politics Blog Inspired by the plight of battleground-state voters who had to wait in lines for hours to throw their ballots, a Bay World congressman nowadays announced he™ll move a price requiring early voting and full vote machines and staffing. The future … Source SacBee Government Worker With aloof 400 to 450 text for our weekly Government Worker line, even of what we apprentice each week never sees print. Line Extras accord you some of the paper money, Source SacBee Capitol Alert Former Gov. Grey Davis will turn 70 abutting month, and to celebrate he subjected himself to a roast. The fact, which followed dinner with friends and former staffers Wednesday at The California Museum, included added than a hardly any jokes approximately... Source Capitol Weekly/ LA Times PolitiCal Admitting once again to federal judges that the government won't be able to arrive goals locate for reducing crowding in its prisons, Gov. Jerry Brown's government has asked for a delay while it works on alternatives. In legal filings Thursday,... Source SacBee Capitol Alert Dan says that building the abutting fiscal year's government budget will be a ample analysis of the California Legislature's Democratic leaders. Accept a catechism you'd love Dan to reply Advertise it on our Facebook sheet. Look other Dan Walters Daily... Source SacBee Capitol Alert VIDEO Dan Walters mulls if Democrats in the California Legislature will loosen up on the government budget after age of cuts. Will Senate baton Darrell Steinberg mention Proposition 8 at the Harry S. Truman Democratic Club luncheon he's headlin… Source SacBee Government Worker [View the adventure The Roundup Jerry Brown's unfinished matter; CA lawmakers booty their allowance; VA's government worker loan programme on Storify Source Capitol Weekly/ LA Times PolitiCal While California budget watchers celebrate some cautiously assured fiscal account, they are casting a wary eye toward Washington, where a discussion over the so-called fiscal cliff could threaten the state™s delicate economic recovery. Congress has unti… Source LAT Belief The Republican Affair in California may accept effectively been doomed to electoral irrelevance. Source LAT Belief Source Capitol Weekly/ LA Times PolitiCal Aloof over a century ago, a accumulation of California progressives created one of the defining characteristics of the government's political process -- the initiative action. But, what was supposed to be an enlightened use in administer democracy is immediately a..… Source OC Register Complete Buzz While not indeed saying that he’s conceding, Republican Chris Norby said from Honduras on Wednesday that he “expects” the final ballot count in the 65th Meeting Local to exhibit that he was bested by Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva. A … Source SacBee Capitol Alert It's authorized Democrats immediately accept their Meeting supermajority. Incumbent Republican Assemblyman Chris Norby conceded unpunctual nowadays that he had been beaten by Democratic challenger Sharon Quirk-Silva in a newly pinched Orange County local. I ambition my s… Source Capitol Weekly/ LA Times PolitiCal Source LAT Belief It’s disappointing to look leaders, general figures and CEOs undone by female scandals. However it becomes a tragedy when these cases are of an abusive attributes. And worse even, when they’re kept buttoned up, leaving the victims much added powerless. Source CCTimes/OakTrib Politics Blog A longtime Bay World legislative staffer has been hired to mind the government court system™s governmental affairs work “ and escort the courts™ action against draconian budget cuts by the Legislature and governor. Cory Jasperson was hired by Californ… Source SacBee Capitol Alert Yolo County, north of Sacramento, is at ease to UC Davis, the Cache Creek Casino and a county seat, Woodland, that even retains the flavour of its 19th century founding. However it nearly became world-famous this week for another ground --... Source SacBee Capitol Alert Gov. Jerry Brown prodded University of California regents nowadays to pursue online direction offerings to cut costs, saying the government's premier university process must amuse added grounded in its access to education. The Democratic governor's remarks c… Source LAT Belief Source LAT Belief

Buy Valetra 20mgm. budget hearing at the Cal Poly Pomona, it was dense for us to impart whose local it was in. Senate maps exhibit the Pomona campus appropriate on the line... Source Press Enterprise Political Empire Riverside County grew by 1.7 percent during 2010, the highest percentage of any California county, according to fresh estimates from the government Branch of Finance. The county population increased from 2.18 million in Jan 2010 to an estimated 2.22 milli… Source CCTimes/OakTrib Politics Blog Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom was looking awfully candidate-ish as he fabricated the rounds at the Dem’s company auditorium Friday afternoon. You had to pry him from activists, who flocked to him with the alacrity of autograph hounds. And no affair how even he trie… Source OC Register Complete Buzz Provided you’re scheduled to resume your automobile registration in July or subsequent, analog watch outside. Democrats in the Legislature are pushing a price that could sock you with a ticket for expired plates buttoned up no defect of your own. The botheration stems from the Democr… Source Fresno Bee Politics The Sanger Housing Government is answering the charge for affordable housing with plans to make apartments for low-income families. The government wants to turn a 5.45-acre lot of land on the northeast corner of North Avenue and J Street into an ups… Source Capitol Weekly/ LA Times PolitiCal California Democrats are moving toward enacting a way that allows baby groups of affair insiders to decide which candidates amuse affair endorsements, an attack to accomplish an end-run encircling the spirit of the top-two important process adopted by voters. Unde… Source Capitol Weekly/ LA Times PolitiCal As California Democrats gathered Friday in Sacramento for their annual company, affair Chairman John Burton, who is accepted for his bombastic and profanity-laced speech, is life criticized for using gun rhetoric to call how Gov. Jerry Brown sh… Source Press Enterprise Political Empire Government Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod, D-Chino, represents all of the megalopolis of Pomona. And a press release this week from Cal Poly Pomona describes the college as life in Negrete McLeod's local. Actually, though, nowadays's 130 p. m. session of... Source CA's Capitol - Greg Lucas With one time left in the month, Apr revenue forecasts accept exceeded expectations “ on both sides of the ledger. Buttoned up Apr 29, means levy payments were $7.1 billion -- $300 million added than projected in Gov. Jerry Brown™s Jan budget pro… Source OC Register Complete Buzz By Kimberly Edds and Jeff Overley Orange County Local Attorney Tony Rackauckas is continuing his crusade to accumulate registered female offenders out from children, sending letters to every megalopolis in the county urging the adoption rules to accumulate registered… Source LAT Belief Most viewed and commented Unlicensed drivers Impounding is not the return Desire safer roads Here's what the editorial board proposes Unlicensed drivers, including unlawful immigrants, shouldn't be on the way. However impounding their cars is not the a… Source SacBee Government Worker Machine hackers accept stolen names, addresses, Social Security numbers and credit card advice of approximately 2,000 retired general safety officers belonging to the Quiet Officers Test Company of California, according to a email sent to them on … Source SacBee Capitol Alert It's California Democratic Affair age. The Golden Government's Dems are holding their government company in Sacramento nowadays buttoned up Sunday. What's on the timetable at the company centre and out Delegates probably won't desire to overlook Gavin and Gavin… Source SacBee Government Worker Here we activity. Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg plans for an upper home ballot Monday on SB 151, the price that adopts labour pacts for six unions including CCPOA and PECG. Talks with Republicans haven't produced a sure commitment to deliver the two GOP… Source OC Register Complete Buzz Laguna Niguel dentist and attorney Orly Taitz didn’t miss a beat this week in her relentless claiming of President Barack Obama‘s legitimacy, as she gears up for a federal appeals court hearing Monday in Pasadena. Obama on Wednesday rele… Source SacBee Government Worker With voting for one of CalPERS' member-at-large seats in complete swing, the fund has posted statements and You Tube video from the eight candidates for the position. Click here to look the file of candidates and links to their statements. CalPERS again h… Source Fox & Hounds The Sacramento Bee recently reported that both Senate President Pro Tem Darryl Steinberg (an attorney) and Treasurer Price Lockyer (an attorney) are suggesting that the Legislature will divide funding for sure administration services and programs to citiz… Source Fox & Hounds So even for austerity. In his aboriginal billion-dollar giveaway that places Union bosses ahead of struggling taxpayers, Governor Jerry Brown shows in fact that it's matter as general at the Capitol now. On Monday, the Senate is scheduled to … Source Fox & Hounds

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World Health Organization says video game addiction is a disease. Why American psychiatrists don't - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times World Health Organization says video game addiction is a disease. Why American psychiatrists don't Los Angeles Times The World Health Organization has made it official: digital games can be addictive, and those addicted to them need help. In the latest edition of its International Classification of Diseases, released Monday, the United Nations agency concluded that ... The world's largest health organization just classified video game addiction as a disorderBusiness Insider Playing video games too much might lead to a real problem, World Health Organization saysABC News Brainstorm Health: Gaming Disorder, Valeant Stock, Migrant Family Separation and HealthFortune Newsweek -Santa Rosa Press Democrat -SFGate -Chicago Tribune all 1,039 news articles »

Fewer American Adults Are Smoking Than Ever Before - TIME
TIME Fewer American Adults Are Smoking Than Ever Before TIME (24) Quit smoking: You don't have to be a heavy smoker to waste big bucks on the habit. In New York, the cigarette minimum is $10.50 a pack (some brands cost $14 or more), which at two packs a week carries an annual cost of $1,000. Last year, I left ... US Smoking Rate Hits All-Time LowHealthDay Smoking hits all-time low in Smoking hits new low; about 14 percent of US adults light upChicago Tribune MedPage Today -ConsumerAffairs -U.S. News & World Report -New York Daily News all 144 news articles »

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